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The journey began in 1957. Neelkanth Gopal alias Nanasaheb Bhogale started a trading firm in partnership with his elder brother Vishnu Gopal alias Bhausaheb Bhogale in Mumbai. They dealt in audio equipment and chemicals needed in educational institutes and hospitals. While visiting hospitals in Mumbai in course of his trading business, Nanasaheb chanced upon many imported hospital equipment lying unused due to failure. He offered to repair the equipment for a small fee. Since imports of new equipment were difficult, the hospitals were happy to avail of this offer. In due course, Nanasaheb started manufacturing the equipment in India and shifted base to Aurangabad for meeting the ever growing demand and ever expanding product range.


In 1967, Nanasaheb introduced the first non-stick pan in India under the NIRLEP brand. His group expanded into many other activities. This was a successful diversification for the family-managed company. In 1997, Nanasaheb’s sons Ram and Mukund, along with cousin Nityanand, diversified into the Auto Component industry to take advantage of new developments in the Auto sector. They were joined in this endeavour by Ajit Soundalgekar who led the first manufacturing under Marathwada Auto Compo Pvt Ltd. (MACPL). In 2001, Kedar Deshpande was introduced to lead the new foray Umasons Auto Compo Pvt Ltd (UACPL), a company engaged in the manufacturing of motorcycle components. By 2014, the Auto Compo group has expanded to 5 companies involved in engineering business that is looking to transform itself. A new identity Applied Innovation and Technology Group (AITG) is created to usher this transformation.

Applied Innovation & Technology Group (AITG) is a conglomerate of 6 companies working in different engineering verticals. The group exists as an umbrella entity to share resources and best practices. It brings about synergy in administrative activities of the group companies. With time and experience, AITG has gained command over various engineering processes and technologies. This enables us to develop an array of products catering to various requirements.

Companies under AITG have acquired knowledge in allied engineering processes to strengthen their core activities. The group believes in constant improvement for long life and sustainability. We focus on employee friendly policies and people development through training and coaching.

The companies are managed by a team of promoters who are experts in their respective areas. They connect with people through a strong belief and affirming efforts to nurture the group values. Similarly, the Board of Directors comprises of experienced business persons who bring a collective wisdom to the group. It helps us to take on uncertainties in the business environment.

Promoter values reflect the core beliefs of the group and form the internal framework. The values are guiding light for every level of decision making within the company.

We understand Integrity as “Say what you believe and do what you say”. Integrity of people working with the group companies will be of the highest order. We will respect integrity of others as much as we value our integrity.

For us commitment is “Complete devotion to work and responsibility”. Our commitment will shine through every action and interaction making us the most “reliable partners”.


Compassion is the kind concern for all human beings. People being our biggest asset will always be valued and respected. Irrespective of the capability, gender or class, we shall respect every human for what he or she is.

Passion for us is the intense desire or craving that urges us to do more than expected. Through our passion and enthusiasm, we will always strive to do things beyond ordinary. All our endeavours will lead to a sustainable overall growth.


Innovation is the spirit of generating and exploring novel ideas. We will be fearless in our pursuit for the new and unknown. We will inculcate a culture of experimentation at all levels leading to applied innovation. As we believe in these values, we are also committed to bring development, employment and prosperity to Marathwada region.

We are proud of who we are and where we belong, our ethnicity, our culture and our legacy. We will always keep track of the global trends to understand and predict the changes. With our feet firmly on the ground and our values intact, we will adopt the change as required by changing times.



Ramchandra Neelkanth Bhogale is a Mechanical Engineer with the business experience of 38 years. He has worked extensively in the field of Engineering, Finance and Banking, Hospital and Health care industry management. Ram has also chaired the trust of a banking institute and also a hospital. Both the organisations have witnessed a promising growth under his leadership. Ram has contributed to the development of the region; he led the Chamber of Marathwada Industries and Agriculture (CMIA). On the account of his capabilities and contribution to the development of industry in the region, Ram has been elected twice as the President of the Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (MACCIA). Ram has an impeccable reputation as an ethical businessman. He is well known amongst the society for his selfless and principle oriented advice.



Ajit Gopal Soundalgekar is a Mechanical Engineer. With experience of more than 33 years, Ajit has worked extensively in the field of Tool and Die Design and also Auto Component Manufacturing Industry. Ajit has led businesses successfully through all business cycles. His technical expertise has helped the company to develop complex and critical auto parts. With his commanding knowledge and understanding of various engineering processes, he has continuously improved the process and product quality. Ajit has played a key role in the rapid yet steady growth of the company year on year. His ability to connect with people and nurturing relations has been a key point at the strategic growth of the company.



Kedar Keshav Deshpande is a Mechanical Engineer with the experience of 20 plus years. He has always given importance to using latest and updated technology. He has believed in best business practises and has developed the company around this belief. Kedar has led and managed Mass Manufacturing Company which produces various auto parts. Kedar with the experience has mastered understanding the customer needs and finding cost effective ways to cater those needs. Under his leadership, the company has earned recognition as preferred business partner. Kedar uses best manufacturing and management practices such as Total Productive Maintenance, SAP etc. People working under his leadership and guidance are always motivated and have urge to do and achieve the best.



Mr. Mukund Neelkanth Bhogale holds a Chemical Engineering Degree from UDCT Mumbai. Mukund is Managing Director of Nirlep Appliances Pvt. Ltd. and has an experience of 35 years in the business. Mukund’s grip on market trends and his analytical skills have benefited Nirlep immensely. With his observation on the trends, he was instrumental in successfully changing the Nirlep’s identity. Under his able leadership, NIRLEP has reached in Gulf, Europe and Latin America. Mukund is a member of Audit Committee on AITG board and identifies the gaps in the system. This helps the companies to make the systems robust.



Mr. Nityanand Bhogale is a Science Graduate in Chemical Technology. He has more than 25 years of work experience and has played many key roles in the organization throughout his professional career. Nityanand is a talented innovator and has developed several machines for nirlep to automize processes. This helped in consistent quality and improvement in the over all performance of the shopfloor. His enterprenural skills and persute for niche helped Nirlep to add promising business verticals to its portfolio. Nityanand started Bhogale Paints & Coatings, a division of NIRLEP where the company indeginiously developed its own Non Stick Coating and Industrial Paints. Today the company is known for its quality products. He then started a indipendant coating application division for catering to automobile sector, thus NIRLEP engineering came in existance. All the ventures under Nityanand’s leadership can be stated as world class technology businesses.



Dr. Sunil Ramchandra Deshpande is a formally trained Radiologist who has worked for more than 35 years. After 15 years as a successful consulting radiologist Sunil moved to Hospital administration and management. He has a 20 years’ experience as a hospital administrator. Sunil believes in disciplined work culture which is seen through his working style. Under Sunil’s leadership, a loss making hospital was turned around to profitable. His tremendous working capacity and sharp financial acumen also helped to create a new facility for the hospital with the latest health care and medical equipment.With his up to date administrative working style, Sunil worked with much larger group of hospitals. Sunil’s capabilities helped the group Hospitals to grow faster. His disciplined approach proved to be the key point for being very popular and most preferred colleague. Sunil, with his rich experience in General Administration, now contributes to the growth of an engineering business group. His contributions in administration have started benefiting the group



Saurabh Ramchandra Bhogale is Graduate of Commerce. After graduating, Saurabh spent initial years in working on the shop floor with the machines. His work experience is now of 11 years. With the hands on shop floor experience of 2 and half years, Saurabh did his Post Graduate Diploma in Manufacturing Systems Management in United Kingdom. After coming back to join the family business, he focused on using his learnings to improve efficiencies related to machine layout, optimum use of resources, standard material handling practices etc. He has experience in training and educating shop floor workers with the concepts such as Total Productive Maintenance, five S, and Poka-Yoke etc. These efforts resulted in improved work culture on the shop floor.



Amar Mukund Phatak is a Mechanical Engineer with a Doctorate in Rapid Prototyping from IIT Mumbai. Before pursuing doctorate, Amar has worked for 6 years in building Product Design Software for a German software company. He has taught applied mathematics and applied Physics to engineering students for several years. Excellent Mathematical skills and Engineering design knowledge adds an edge to his New Product Development abilities. Amar leads a team of design engineers who are committed to bring in the innovation and knowledge research skills to the group companies.



Dr. Ulhas Gaoli is an Arts Graduate and has done literature in Marathi Langauge. Dr. Gaoli has done his post graduation in Public Administration and subsequently did doctorate in Business Administration from US based university. He has extensive experience in working with big corporates for almost 40 plus years. He was a Managing Director of MAVIM Ltd. a government of Maharashtra undertaking, a vice president of Garware Poliester Ltd. and now he looks after their CSR activities and is an advisor to the board for multinational SKODA auto, Bagla group etc. Mr. Gaoli’s knowledge in Business legalities and Finance is helping AITG companies to take all those necessary steps to be legally complied.



Mr. Bapat is a well known industrialist. He is a Mechanical Engineer from VJTI, Mumbai & has experience of working in the automobile sector for more than 30 years. He is a whole-time Director at Reliable Autotech, the company known for its quality and consistency in business practices. In the year 2004 – 2005, he served as the President of the Nashik Industries Manufacturers’ Association (NIMA), a body representing over 2000 industrial units in & around Nashik. He was requested to join AITG as an Independent Director for contributing his knowledge in finance and legalities. His inputs to the group companies are beneficial to improve the overall performance.

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